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Be Yoga and Be Yoga Pure. A guide to "What is Yoga?"

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Be Yoga and be enlightened. What is Yoga?

The Be Yoga Story.

So you want to Be Yoga? Or maybe you are visiting us to understand Yoga and what its draw and power for millions of yoga practitioners is? What ever the case may be, Be Yoga is here to help. At Be Yoga, we geared this site to do just that. To help you be yoga. Our site contains inspiration, love, different types of yoga, yoga poses, yoga terminology, yoga understanding and so much more in the mere purpose of answering the age old question. What is Yoga? So come and Be Yoga. But first. You must breathe. Now you are getting it. Be Yoga. Namaste! Be Yoga symbol for Om or Meditation

What is Yoga? A good question indeed. Whether you are a novice or expert you should always ask yourself that throughout your practice. To start, You must look at yourself in order to be yoga. Most of us look outside ourselves to find answers, but with yoga, and to be yoga you must look inward. It is the act of breathing, and letting go while moving in poses and streches, that allow us to enter a state of mindfullness that can have many benefits on your physical and mental well-being. That is to Be Yoga

The term yoga means "union" in the language of ancient India called Sanskrit, in which yoga originated. We can think of the "union" occurring between the mind, body and soul, or spirit. What might generally be referred to as "yoga" can be more clearly described by the word asana, which means the practice of physical postures or poses. Although Asana refers more towards the physical parts of Yoga, in the western adaptation it has become interchangable with the word Yoga.

Yoga is different for every soul. It has changed lives and it has, been embraced, and yet misunderstood. What is yoga to you? Feel free to explore this informational website and see for yourself. Join us on Facebook and get social. We are here to spread and stretch the love of yoga and that is what it means to be Yoga.

Yoga to Happy and Healthy

By Elva Cutri, May 2013

Although its roots date back to more than five thousand years, many people still consider Yoga a trendy activity. And itís generally regarded; letís face it, a bit boring by those who are not familiar with it. Newsflash: Yoga is more than a pretty face on the block. Yogaís graceful movements and controlled breathing have been proven to unite body and mind and to lead to healthier and happier lives. How is that for some Yoga power?

In a study done by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine on the effects of Yoga on the brainís GABA levels, Yoga was shown to bring better mood benefits than walking or regular exercise. Essentially, GABA is a calming chemical in the brain that when elevated blocks anxiety, fear, stress, and to some extent, pain. For the subjects who participated in Yoga activity there were significant changes in mood and behavior related to ďrevitalization and tranquility.Ē The findings do not address the reason why Yoga was better than walking and/or regular exercise in increasing GABA levels, but the study points to the increase in oxygen to the brain and the flowing movements that are part of Yoga. With regular practice, Yoga can lead to a feeling of confidence, happiness, and to better food choices and healthier lifestyles.

Meditation helps your body and mind

Stress in the culprit behind many of our health problems, including lower back pain, poor digestion, depression, and unhappiness, etc. Meditation helps in concentration, in treating addictions, and in keeping you, well, happy! During meditation your mind falls into a state of relaxation and concentration; making you feel less anxious, tense, and worried. No wonder that even doctors have begun to prescribe meditation to treat some medical conditions. ABCNighline reports that 20 million people in America practice meditation today. Many are doing it to release stress and to get healthier, but many are also doing it to treat medical conditions such as impotence and psoriasis. With all the great benefits that Yoga affords, it is no longer a trendy activity; itís a proven, fun way to keep you happy and healthy.

Elva Cutri graduated California State University, Fullerton with a bachelor's in political science and a minor in journalism. Check out more of her work in The Be Yoga Blog.

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